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P. Beam Results - Layouts

Layout Purpose
Beam Forces Displays the force diagram on the structure for the selected load case along with the Beam End Forces table and Beam Force Detail table. This has the same effect as selecting the Beam Results page in the Postprocessing workflow.
Beam Stress Displays the member stress diagram on the structure (same as the Beam Stress tool), along with the 3D Beam Stress Contour view and Beam Combined Axial and Bending table.
Utilization Displays the design code based utilization ratio, for code checks and member selection operations, in annotated form on the structure diagram (same as the Utilization tool) along with the Design Results table.
Graphs Displays the current loading on the structure in the main view along with a set of three Beam Graph windows which display force or bending diagrams for the currently selected member.