STAAD.Pro Help

M. Equivalent Section module

This module is used to find a best fit solution from the table of values of area, inertia, and elastic moduli. The data can either be entered directly into the table, or generated from the Section Builder or Free Sketch modules, or from the Standard Section toolbar command.

Section Types

The Equivalent Section module then finds the best fit on one of the following section types:

  1. I Section, with independent dimensions for the top and bottom flanges
  2. Rectangular Hollow Section, with separate dimensions for the side walls and the top and bottom flanges
  3. I Section, with the same sizes for the top and bottom flanges
  4. Rectangular Hollow Section, with the same thickness for the flanges and the side walls
  5. Channel Section

Each of the values can be weighted for importance by setting a bias for that value. The larger the bias, the more the program will attempt to match that value rather than any of the others.