STAAD.Pro Help

Assign Project dialog

Used to select a project to associate with your current file or model.

Register Project Opens the Register a Project page in your browser from where you can register a project.
Note: Only users with Admin/Co-admin roles can register a project.
Refresh Refreshes the list of available ProjectWise Projects.
View Allows you to choose the list of projects that you want to see in the list box. Following are the options:
  • Favorites - Displays the projects that are marked as favorites.
  • Recent - Displays the recently used projects.
  • All - Displays all the projects.
Search Searches through the list of available projects.
List box Displays the following columns:
  • Favorite - Allows you to favorite a project. Select the star icon in this column for the project that you want to mark as favorite.
  • Number - Displays the number of the project.
  • Name - Displays the name of the project.
  • Location - Displays the geographic location of the project.
  • Industry - Displays the industry of the project.
  • Asset Type - Displays the asset type of the project.
Project Playlist Role For each user, the CONNECT Edition provides a personalized Bentley PlaylistTM of applications and apps specific to each participant's project role. Select your role from this drop-down list to see the applications and apps specific to your role.