STAAD.Pro Help

General dialog

Used to specify the section dimensions and properties for a general polygonal user defined table section.

Opens when you click Add in the User Table Manager dialog when a General section table is selected.

Section Name Type a section name used to identify the shape in the table.
Define Profile Polygon Check this option to define polygon vertices by Z and X coordinates in the following table.

You also have the option compute the section properties for the shape automatically.

AX Cross section area
D Depth of the section
TD Thickness associated with section element parallel to depth (usually web). To be used to check depth/thickness ratio
B Width of the section
TB Thickness associated with section element parallel to flange. To be used to check width/thickness ratio
IZ Moment of inertia about local z-axis (usually strong axis)
IY Moment of inertia about local y-axis
IX Torsional constant
SZ Section modulus about local z-axis
SY Section modulus about local y-axis
AY Shear area in local y-axis.
AZ Shear area in local z-axis.
PZ Plastic modulus about local z-axis
PY Plastic modulus about local y-axis
HSS Warping constant for lateral torsional buckling calculations
DEE Depth of web. For rolled sections, distance between fillets should be provided
Note: Properties PZ, PY, HSS, and DEE must be provided for code checking or member selection per plastic and limit state based codes (AISC LRFD, British, French, German and Scandinavian codes). For codes based on allowable stress design (AISC-ASD, AASHTO, Indian codes), zero values may be provided for these properties.
Compute Section Properties Click to calculate the AX, D, TD, B, TB, IZ, IY, IX, SZ, SY, AY, AZ, PZ, PY, HSS, and DEE values from the provided polygon points.
OK Saves the UPT section and closes the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without creating a new section.