STAAD.Pro Help

Translational Repeat dialog

Used to make copies of portions of the structure at intervals along a linear path

Opens when the Repeat > Translational tool is selected from the Beam group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Global Direction Choose any one of the three possible global directions along which the selected structural entities should be copied.
No of Steps Specify the number of copies you want.
Default Step Spacing Type the default spacing between steps (or copies) in the edit box in current length units. You can change the spacing between copies individually using the step table.
Step Spacing table You can manually type the Spacing to each step as well as type the Number From to use when the Renumber Bay option is selected.
Renumber Bay Instructs the program to use a user-specified starting number for the members generated in each step of the repeat.
Link Steps Instructs the program to generate new members between each step in the direction of the repeat.
Open Base This option instructs the program to not generate linking members at the base of the structure (i.e., the lowest nodes in the selection).
Generation Flags Select the structural data that you want copied to the newly generated elements:
  • All — Uses all properties assigned to the selected object (e.g., loads, properties, design parameters, member releases, etc.) are copied
  • Geometry OnlyOnly geometry data is copied. That is, nodes, member and element incidences are generated but no properties, loads, etc. will be assigned to the new objects.
  • Geometry and Property Only — Only geometry data and property assignments are copied. All other assignments (e.g., loads and design parameters) are not copied.