STAAD.Pro Help

D. UK National Annex Values dialog

Used to control safety factors and other values specified in the UK National Annex to Eurocode 2: 2004.

Opens when the Edit button is selected in the EC2-2004 Beam Design Brief dialog box National Annex tab, with the UK National Annex option selected.

Save as default values Click to update the default values this dialog with the current values.
Partial Factors for Materials (1) Specify values to be used as Gamma cc) and Gamma ss).
Slenderness Criterion (1) Specify a ratio value (less than 1) which is to satisfy the "predominately" requirement in the note for this clause.
OK Saves the current values and closes the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving any changes.
Apply Saves any changes made in the dialog.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro Help window.