STAAD.Pro Help

D. Toolbar Setup dialog

Used to open toolboxes.

Opens when:

  • View > Toolbars is selected, or
  • Toolbars is selected from the toolbar right-click pop-up menu.

Dialog controls


Allows you to see a list of all available toolbars in Concrete Design. The toolboxes with a check mark next to them are already open. To open a toolbox, you must place a check mark in its check box by clicking it. Single-clicking a check box or a toolbox's name places a check mark in the check box, which will open the toolbox.

Large Buttons

If checked, displays the tool icons as larger than their normal size. The default is unchecked. This feature is useful if Concrete Design is run on a very high resolution screen or if you have difficulty seeing the normal size buttons.

Note: Although increasing the button size may help you, it also reduces the space in which Concrete Design can draw the structure.
Show Tool Tips

If checked (the default), the name of the tool appears as you pass the pointer over the tool's icon. This option is helpful for learning names and functions the tools in Concrete Design.

Tip: When the mouse cursor is placed over a tool, the Status Bar provides additional context to the tool's function.
OK Closes the dialog and opens all toolboxes with a check mark next to them in the list box. Tool size and tool tip display will also be applied at this time.
Cancel Closes the dialog without opening the toolboxes that you just checked or applying other options.