STAAD.Pro Help

D. Select Members by Design Group dialog

Used to select members in the active view window by entire design group.


Displays the Select Design Groups dialog which contains a list of the groups defined in the active structure. Click on groups in the list to select them.

Note: Extend the selection by pressing the <CTRL> key and clicking on additional groups.
OK Updates the selection in the active structure window and close the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without selecting any members by design group.

Opens the Rename Design Group dialog.

Rename… is enabled when a single design group is selected in the list.


Click to delete the selected Design Group(s). Only the design group is will be removed; all physical members will remain in the design model.

CAUTION: This action cannot be undone. No confirmation dialog will be presented before deleting groups.

Delete is enabled when one or more design group is selected in the list.