STAAD.Pro Help

D. Save View As dialog

Used to save the view in the active window in the data file for the active structure. The view window can then be closed without loosing the view.

Opens when View > View Management > Save View is selected.


Specify a name for the new view. A list of existing view names is shown below. Selecting one of these will copy the name into and, once OK is clicked, you will be prompted to over write the existing view.

If the content, diagrams or annotation of a saved view are changed, the view is marked as changed by having an asterisk * added to its name. A view with a * appended to its name must be saved in order to retain the changes.

Tip: Because Concrete Design uses an asterisk at the end of a view name to indicate that it has changed since it was last saved, it is not recommended to use an asterisk in a view name.
OK Save the new view and closes the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving a new view.