STAAD.Pro Help

D. Orientation dialog

Used to adjust the orientation and projection of the picture of the structure in the active structure window..

Opens when View > Orientation is selected.

 Dialog controls

View Choose between Isometric and Perspective drawing.
Default Orientation To Click on one of these buttons to set the Elevation, Distance and Rotation to default values.
Distance to Structure The distance from the viewpoint to the origin of the structure.
Elevation Angle The height above ground level (global Z = 0) for Perspective drawing, or the projection angle used for Isometric drawing.
Rotation Angle The rotation of the structure about the global Z axis.
Apply Immediately Check this box to see the picture in the active structure window redraw as soon as changes are made in the dialog.
Apply Click t to apply the changes in the dialog to the drawing in the active structure window. This button is not needed if the Apply Immediately box is checked.
Restore Restores the values in the dialog to those that were current when it was opened.  Be careful because any changes made are lost.
Close Closes the dialog and applies any changes made to the picture in the active structure window.

To cancel changes, click on the Restore button before clicking on Close.