STAAD.Pro Help

D. Group Member List table

Displays the members which make up a Design Group, along with the sections used for analysis and design.

Opens when:

  • Groups > Group Member List Table is selected, or
  • When Edit Design Group button is clicked on the D. Design Groups table.

Analysis and Design section displayed are those used in the last analysis or design performed, respectively. The design section will display the last analysis section used if no design has been performed. These cells are for information purposes only and cannot be edited.

Note: To add a member to the deign group, type the member number, omitting the “M”, in the first column of the table.

See D. Design Groups for information on adding or removing members from a design group.

Menu Item Description Shortcut
Cut Copy the selected contents to the clipboard and delete from the table. <Ctrl+X>
Copy Copy the selected contents to the clipboard. <Ctrl+C>
Paste Paste the clipboard contents to the table. <Ctrl+V>
Go To… Opens the dialog box, which is used to specify a row number for easy selection.. <F5>
Other Tables… Opens the dialog box, which is used to toggle the display of tables in the RC Designer interface.