STAAD.Pro Help

D. Export to Drawing dialog

Used to create a DXF file of the current member that can be read into the AutoCAD application Multi-RC (please contact Bentley Technical Support for more information on this product).  The file contains elevations, sections and a bending schedule.

For DXF output, the concrete outlines, covers, and center lines are all output as simple lines to appropriate layers. The bars are sent as polylines, again to separate layers. The schedule is not exported, but may be printed from the normal report setup.

Opens when:

  • Drawings > Export to DXF is selected, or
  • The Concrete Member | Drawing page is selected.
Preview window Shows how the member will appear when imported into Multi-RC with the current settings.
Size and Scale This sets the size of paper that the drawing is to be imported into and scale of the drawings to be generated.
Export Format Select either .DXF or MultiREBAR drawing format.
Title Block This is used for guidance so that the user can position the drawing without encroaching the space that is provided for title blocks in the final drawing.
Cut Beam after span When the current beam is a multiple span, then the beam can be cut at support locations and the next section is then continued below.
Spacing There are three values that are used to locate the drawings onto the drawing sheet.  The First Span Left and First Span Top locate the top left corner of the first span relative to the top left corner of the drawing.  The value Separation Constant defines the distance between sections of a beam that have been cut using the Cut Section as outlined above.
OK Closes the dialog and opens a Save As dialog for specifying a name and location for the drawing file.
Cancel Closes the dialog without creating a drawing file.