STAAD.Pro Help

D. <Design Group> Summary table

Displays the pass/fail status of all members in the Design Group for the current Design Group.

Opens when Results > Member Summary is selected.

Note: This table is not editable. The values displayed are taken from the design of the current member.
Tip: Selecting a row in the Summary table will select the same member in the active View window and any reinforcement diagrams open.

Table Right-Click Pop-Up Menu

Menu Item Description Shortcut
Cut Copy the selected contents to the clipboard and delete from the table. <CTRL+X>
Copy Copy the selected contents to the clipboard. <CTRL+C>
Paste Paste the clipboard contents to the table. <CTRL+V>
Go To… Opens the Goto Row dialog, which is used to specify a row number for easy selection.. <F5>
Beam Spans Opens the Beam Spans table, which is used to specify individual covers and link sizes for each span, as well as verify the support definitions.  
Main Reinforcement Opens the Main Reinforcement table, which shows the design moments, required steel areas and provided steel bars for each location along the beam that was checked.  
Shear Links Opens the Shear Links table, which shows the shear forces and stresses at the design locations along with the required steel area.  
Shear Zones Opens the Shear Zones table, which displays the results of the shear design.  
Deflection Opens the Span/Depth Ratio table, which is used to verify the limit of effective depth divided by the actual span length is not exceeded.  
Scheduled Bars Opens the Scheduled Bars table, which provides a list of al bars sizes, lengths, and bends.  
Member Summary Opens the Summary table for the design group, which displays the pass/fail status of all members in the Design Group.