STAAD.Pro Help

D. Define Envelope dialog

Used to modify, rename, or remove load envelopes from the model.

Opens when:

  • the Edit Env. button is clicked on the Envelopes table, or
  • when the Define Envelope tool is selected.

Load Cases

Displays a list of all basic load cases and load combinations included in the STAAD.Pro input file.


Select the Envelope number and title from the list of all current envelopes. All included load cases and combinations considered in this envelope is displayed in the list below. This selection will be set to either a newly created envelope or the current envelope selected in the Design Layer toolbar.

Add basic load cases or combinations to the load envelope using the list transfer tools:

Tool What it Does Same Effect as
> Add the selected item(s) in the Load Case list to the Envelope list. Double clicking an item in the Load Case list.
>> Add all currently displayed items in the Load Case list to the Envelope list.  
<< Remove all items in the Envelope list.  
< Remove the selected item(s) in the Envelope list. Double clicking an item in the Envelope list.
Show Combinations Only Select this option to limit the Load Cases list to load combinations only (basic load cases will not be displayed).
OK Applies the changes to the selected Envelope load and closes the dialog.

Closes the dialog without making any changes to the load envelope.

Note: If the Define Envelopes dialog was opened through the New Envelope dialog, the newly created envelope is not removed by not loads will be added.
New Opens the New Envelope dialog, which is used to create a new load envelope.
Rename Opens the Rename Envelope dialog, which is used to specify a new title for the currently selected envelope.

Used to remove the currently selected Envelope from the model. A warning dialog opens to verify you want to proceed.

CAUTION: This action cannot be undone.