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D. SP 52 101-03 Beam Brief dialog

Design per Russian Concrete code: SP 52 101-03 "Concrete and reinforced concrete structures without prestressing" (СП 52-101-2003 "Бетонные и железобетонные конструкции без предварительного напряжения арматуры").

Note: The Russian Design Codes are only available with the ‘Euro-zone – Eastern Design Codes’ SELECT license.

General Tab

Concrete grade Select a standard grade from the pull-down list.
Minimum Cover Specify the cover to the top, bottom and sides of the beams (in mm).
Partial Safety Factors Specify safety factors to be used in the design for both concrete and steel.
Design for (shear at) Select whether or not to include for the shear forces within the width of the column (or support) by selecting either Center Line of Support or Column Face (support).
Design for Torsion Select this option to consider torsion in the design of the reinforcement.
Envelope The beams will be designed to the forces from the envelope selected from the pull-down list Load Envelopes are added using the Define Envelope dialog.
Divide Beam into Set the minimum number of segments that each member should be divided into for calculating the reinforcement.

Reinforcement Tab

Main Bar Criteria Select the Steel grade

Set the Minimum and Maximum allowable bar sizes to be used on the top of the beams in the Min Size and Max Size fields, respectively. The link hanger size is used for detailing where no reinforcement bars are required for bending, but bars are required for supporting links

The Minimum gap between bars defines the spacing (in mm) between the top 2 layers.

Shear Bar Criteria Select a standard grade from the pull-down list.

Select the minimum bar Size and No. of Legs to be used and set the minimum spacing (in mm)If the design requires a smaller spacing, then the number of legs will be increased.

Sag Bar Diameters Select the criteria for selecting the sag bar diameters from either Equal to hog bars, Optimized for each span independently, or Optimized for sag-critical span.
OK Accepts parameters on all dialog tabs and closes the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving any changes.
Apply Saves changes made in the dialog. Only available if changes have been made.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.