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D. ACI 318-99 Column Design Brief dialog

The ACI Column Design Brief has the following tabs for setting out the design parameters:

General tab

Concrete  Specify the strength (in ksi), maximum aggregate size (in inches) and option to use lightweight concrete, in which case either the Tensile fct should be defined (in ksi) or the Lightweight Factor as a fraction.

Specify the cover to the shear links (in inches)

Specify the maximum size of aggregate (in inches)

Main Bars Specify the strength of the main bars (in ksi), the range of sizes to consider from minimum to maximum sizes and the bending dimensions.
Links Specify the strength of the link bars (in ksi), the minimum size link to consider and the bending dimensions.

For circular columns select whether the design should specify tie or spiral reinforcement.

Note: Bar sizes include: #3, #4,#5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #14, #18

Column Parameters tab

Bracing Conditions Specify whether the columns are braced in the local y-y and/or z-z directions.
Effective Length Factors Specify the effective length factors to be used in the local y-y and z-z directions.

For either direction, whether it is braced (if not specify the stability index to use) and for sidesway whether a specific load case should be considered or the design load case should be used.

Slenderness Limits This may be set to 1, or calculated by the design.
Starter bars Specify the area of starter bar steel (in mm2) to ensure that maximum area of steel is not exceeded by the design.
Other Parameters Select whether or not to include design for torsion.

Select whether or not to design as a Sway Frame

Specify the biaxial beta factor.

Specify the beta(d) value to use in the design.

Member Loadcases tab

Used to select load case results which are used for column design with this brief.

Available list Contains all primary load cases and load combinations in the STAAD.Pro input file.
Selected list

Load cases and combinations the results of which will be used for the column design when this brief is used in a Design Group.

Tool icon Description
> Adds the load case(s) selected in the Available list to the Selected list.
>> Adds all load cases from the Available list to the Selected list.
< Removes the selected load case(s) from the Selected list.
<< Removes all load case(s) from the Selected list.
Note: By default, no load cases or combinations are selected.