STAAD.Pro Help

Smart Connections

Used to assign smart connection templates to selected joints. A "smart" connection template contains parametric rules defined in a macro which allows characteristics of the connection to be modified (within limits) in order to achieve code compliance. A joint selection set that is to use a Smart connection can only specify a single smart connection definition.

Opens when Connection Design >  Assign Smart Connections is selected.

Note: The definition of each connection template and the order in which they occur, are defined in a database which can be displayed and/or modified from the Connection Design menu. See the RAM Connection manual for more information on editing the connection database.
Design Select the design code to be used. The field is populated with the default code selected in the RAM Settings dialog.
Seismic Provisions

(AISC codes only)

Select the Consider AISC 341-05 Seismic Provisions option to instruction the program to design the connections per this specification.

A gravity load combination must be selected when this option is used.

Consider Structural Integrity (BS5950 only) Select this option to include the requirements for structural integrity in the design (Cl BS5950 1:2000). A tie force not less than 75 kN is considered for these verifications. The appendices A to D (BS5950 1:2000) give the required information on the behavior and methodology to resist tying forces in the design.
Seismic Category (Base Plate only) Specify the site class which best describes the soil conditions supporting the foundation and base plate.
Connection types Select the class of connection to be used from this list. The connection types available depend on the code selected.
Available list A list of all available connection templates for the selected connection type are listed here.
List Operators
Click this button… to…
> Add the selected connection template to the Selected list.
>> Add all connection templates to the Selected list.
<< Remove all entries in the Selected list.
< Remove the selected entry from the Selected list.
Selected list The connection templates selected for design will be added to the list.
Design Connections Individually Select this option to instruct the program to optimize connections at each joint separately, rather than grouping for the worst case among common connections.
OK Accepts the design criteria and performs a design for the selected joints using the selected connection templates.
Cancel Closes the dialog without designing any connections.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.