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AD.2007- IS456 with Seismic Design per IS13920

Design of columns and beams per IS 456 is now performed per the 2000 edition of that code. The option to perform additional reinforcement detailing checks for seismic conditions per IS 13920:1993 is also now available. This code is used for the ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces

The IS456 checks are initiated by selecting this code for the design brief and selecting the appropriate parameters. Additional seismic checks per IS 13920 are specified by selecting this option on the design brief General tab. Refer to D. IS 13920 Seismic Design and D. IS456 for additional information on using this new feature.

Note: A valid license for the Indian Design Codes package is required to use this feature.

To create an IS456 Design Brief for columns or beams

  1. Opens a model in RC Designer.
  2. Select the Groups/Briefs Page in the page control.
  3. Click the New Brief button at the bottom of the Design Briefs table.

    The New Design Brief dialog opens.

  4. Enter a title in the B# field.
  5. Select IS456 in the Design Code list.
  6. Select the appropriate Design Type (either Beam or Column).
  7. Click the OK button.

    The corresponding IS456 Beam Brief or IS456 Column Brief dialog opens, depending on the choice made above.

  8. Specify parameters as needed.

  9. Select the option to Check for IS 13920 on the General tab to perform additional seismic design.

    Note: See the following procedure for designing for IS 13920.
  10. Click the OK button.

Design longitudinal and shear reinforcement in beams per IS13920

  1. In the IS456 Beam Design Brief dialog General tab, select the Check for IS13920 option.
  2. Perform a beam design.
  3. Select the Earthquake page.
  4. Select the appropriate load case is selected to perform the seismic checks to allow for a strong column-weak beam mechanism.

    The program internally calculates the moment capacities of the beams and columns framing into a joint and assign a "pass/fail" status depending on the corresponding beam and column capacities at that joint for the direction under consideration.

  5. Select the Earthquake | Reinforcement page to review the status of the IS 13920 design.