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AD.2007-08.3.3 IS800:2007 Working Stress Method

The IS:800-2007 Steel code was deviated in concept from its -1984 version (based on Working Stress Method) and introduced the Limit State Method of Design. The entire 2007 version of the code is devoted to the Limit State Method of Design, except Chapter 11. This Chapter comprises of a couple of pages and has the guideline for the Design of Steel sections as per working stress method (WSM). The approach of this new working stress method is different from its earlier version and utilizes the concept of Section Slenderness and Section Classification.

The program now includes design per the Working Stress Method (WSM) methodology in addition to Limit State method for design of steel structures per IS800:2007.

Some minor corrections to the Limit State Design option have also been made.

To specify a design using IS 800:2007 Working Stress Method

  1. In the Modeling mode, select the Design | Steel tab.

    The Steel Design - Whole Structure dialog box opens.

  2. In the Current Code drop-down menu, select IS800 2007 WSD.
  3. Click Define Parameters….

    The Design Parameters dialog box opens.

  4. Click Add.

    This will insert the following commands into the STAAD input file:

    CODE IS800 WSD