STAAD.Pro Help

M. To define a roadway

To define a roadway (i.e., carriageway in some regions), do the following.

  1. Either:

    Select a deck from the View window.


    On the Bridge Deck ribbon tab, select the Select Deck tool in the Deck group and then select one of the defined decks from this list.

  2. On the Bridge Deck ribbon tab, select the Define Roadway tool in the Deck group.

    The Roadways dialog opens.
  3. Click New. The Define Roadway dialog opens.
  4. Specify the distances from the origin to each curb edge. The preview updates to display the roadway on the currently selected deck.
  5. Click OK. A new roadway is now added to the Roadways list in the Roadways dialog and is outlined in blue on the deck in the active view window.
  6. Click Close.