STAAD.Pro Help

M. Edit menu

Menu item Description Same effect as selecting…
Undo Negates the last modification performed in the window (for example, shift/rotate a section). You can undo a series of modifications by repeatedly selecting Undo.  
Redo Negates the last undo modification. You can redo a series of negated modifications by repeatedly selecting Redo.  
Delete Removes the selected section element from the composite section. Delete key
Shift, Rotate Element Opens the Element Shift/Rotation dialog which is used to displace the currently selected section by a relative dimension or rotation about it's basic node. See section Orientation of Elements for the basic node of each section type used by Section Builder.  
Shift Coordinate Center Opens the Shift coordinate center dialog which is used to relocate the origin of the geometric axes relative to the composite section.  
Copy Element Opens the Copy element dialog which is used to create one or more copies by specified offset dimensions in the Y and Z axes.