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AD.2007- ACI 318 Metric

A new design code has been added for beams, columns, and slab element designs in the RC Design module for the metric version of ACI 318-05.

ACI 318M-05 is the standard published by the American Concrete Institute which describes the equations to be used for metric design. It differs from the normal ACI 318-05 standard in that it has been converted to a "soft metric" form, where conversions have been applied to the numbers used in the formulae and to the bar sizes, and then some rounding has been done. This means that the bars to be used are the same as with US customary units, but they are quoted to the nearest millimeter.

Note: Refer to D. American Concrete design per ACI 318M - 2005 for additional information.
Note: A valid license for the U.S. Design Codes (Standard) package is required to use this feature.

To create a ACI 318M-05 Design Brief for columns or beams

  1. Open a model in RC Designer.
  2. Select the Groups/Briefs Page in the page control.
  3. Click the New Brief button at the bottom of the Design Briefs table.

    The New Design Brief dialog opens.

  4. Enter a title in the B# field.
  5. Select ACI 318M-05 in the Design Code list.
  6. Select the appropriate Design Type (either Beam or Column).
  7. Click the OK button.

    The corresponding ACI 318M-05 Beam Brief or ACI 318M-05 Column Brief dialog opens, depending on the choice made above.

  8. Specify parameters as needed.

    Note: The design briefs are identical to those for ACI 318-05 checks with all entries being input in "soft" metric units as indicated.
  9. Click the OK button.