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AD.2007-1003.3.2 AS 3600 Beam and Column Design

The RC Designer mode has been enhanced with a new design module to support the design of beams and columns to the publication AS 3600-2001: Concrete Structures. The implementation includes both Amendment 1-2002 and Amendment 2-2004.

To create a design brief with the AS 3600 design requirements and parameters, on the Groups/Briefs Page start a New Brief by clicking on the New Brief button and select the AS 3600 option from the Design Code drop list thus:

To design beams and columns with the AS 3600 design brief follow the instructions as described in the RC Designer help.

Note: To perform ddesigns to the AS 3600 design code, you will need to have access to a valid license for ‘Canadian/Australian/SA design Codes’.