STAAD.Pro Help

T.3 Setup the Grid

  1. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Snap Grid/Plate (Quad) tool in the Structure group.
    The Snap Node/Beam dialog closes and the Snap Node/Plate dialog opens.
  2. On the Snap Node/Plate dialog, click Create. A dialog opens which will enable us to set up a grid.

    Within this dialog, there is a drop-down list from which you can select Linear, Radial, or Irregular form of grid lines.

    Linear used to place the construction lines perpendicular to one another along a "left to right - top to bottom" pattern, as in the lines of a chess board
    Radial used to place construction lines to appear in a spider-web style, which makes it is easy to create circular type models where members are modeled as piece-wise linear straight line segments
    Irregular used to create gridlines with unequal spacing that lie on the global planes or on an inclined plane
  3. Select Linear, which is the Default Grid.

    In our structure, the segment consisting of members 1 to 3, and nodes 1 to 4, happens to lie in the X-Y plane. So, in this dialog, let us keep X-Y as the Plane of the grid. The size of the model that can be drawn at any time is controlled by the number of Construction Lines to the left and right of the origin of axes, and the Spacing between adjacent construction lines.

  4. Type a Name of Grid 1.
  5. Select X-Z as the Plane option.
  6. Type 6 as the number of lines to the Right of the origin along X and 4 above the origin along Z.

    Leave the spacing as 1 m.

  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Snap Node/Beam grids list, check the new Grid 1 option.

    You can create any number of grids. By providing a name, each new grid can be identified for future reference.

    Tip: Please note that these settings are only used to generated construction lines. These construction lines enable you to easily draw the structure but do not restrict our overall model to those limits.
    Tip: To change the settings of this grid, select the name in the Snap Node/Beam dialog and then click Edit.

    The check by Default Grid is automatically cleared. STAAD.Pro will only display a single grid at a time.