STAAD.Pro Help

D1.E.1 Cross-Sectional Properties 

You specify the geometry of the cross-section by choosing one of the section shape designations from the STAAD.Pro Steel Tables for cold-formed sections, which mirror the Gross Section Property Tables published in AISI S100-16.

The following section profiles are supported in this implementation:

  • Standard cold-formed sections from the section database:
    • angle
    • chanel or eave strut
    • zee or zee purlin
    • hat
    • tube (SHS and RHS)
    • pipe and CHS
    Note: Angles with lips, channels with lips, and zees with lips are not supported.
  • The following UPT sections are supported:
    • angle
    • channel
    • tube
    • pipe

Shape selection may be done using the member property pages of the graphical user interface or by specifying the section designation symbol in the input file.

Standard hot-rolled sections, prismatic sections, and UPT sections other than those listed above are not supported.