STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1002.4.1 DXF Output of Beam and Column Designs

It is now possible to write the completed design drawing to a raw DXF file, as well as to MultiREBAR format, so that it may be finished off by a detailer. The MultiREBAR format drawing requires a suitable installation of the MultiSuite application to visualize the drawing. The raw DXF format can be viewed by any application that can view DXF files.

Click on the Drawing or Schedule page (according to design code), a dialog opens as shown below, except for the addition of a drop list to choose the output format.

The MultiREBAR export remains as before, the DXF format is new. For DXF output, the concrete outlines, covers and center lines are all output as simple lines to appropriate layers. The bars are sent as polylines, again to separate layers. The schedule is not exported, but may be printed from the normal report setup. In all other respects the dialog works in the same way as described in the RC Design help.