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D. AS 3600 Column Design Principles

Design has been carried out based on the code provisions in AS 3600-2001.  Steel Strength reduction factors are taken from Table 2.3.  Characteristic strength of materials are used based on section 6

  1. Design procedure carried out based on clause 10.2, 10.2.1 and 10.2.3.
  2. Short column design based on 10.3
  3. Design of slender columns based on 10.4
  4. Minimum bending moment not less than N* times 0.05D, where D is the overall depth of the column in the plane of the bending moment.
  5. Radius of gyration may be taken as 0.3D, where D is the overall dimension in the direction in which stability is being considered and for circular cross-section, r may be taken as 0.25D.
  6. Biaxial bending and compression based on clause 10.6.5
  7. Reinforcement requirements for columns : 10.7.1 Limitations on longitudinal steel :

    1. less than 0.01Ag
    2. Not exceed 0.04Ag