STAAD.Pro Help

RR 22.02.00-1.2 Updated Backup and Restore of Projects

A new system for creating backups and restoring from backups has been implemented. This now includes physical model files for projects.

A restore point is a backup of all files associated with a STAAD input model, including a physical model if one is present. The option to include analysis output files is also available when creating a restore point.

Note: This method replaces the previous method of creating backups, including automated backups, in STAAD.Pro.

A new AutoRecovery feature has been added to replace the previous Autosave method. This feature will automatically create backups based on a specified time interval (default of 5 minutes) of your entire STAAD project, including physical models. In the event of a program crash or if the program is simply closed without saving changes, the program will detect the auto recovery files and prompt you to open from that recovery state when you re-open the associated STAAD model.