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AD.2006-1004.4.1 Bentley Rebar Export from RC Designer

When a design has successfully been carried out, the beams or columns may now be exported to Bentley Rebar from the Groups > Export Group To Rebar menu item. This will write the member outline and designed bars into a file for transfer into Bentley Rebar so that any modifications that a detailer feels are appropriate may be made. Bentley Rebar is a much more powerful detailing environment and can produce customised drawings and reinforcement schedules.

  1. Open a suitable concrete model (such as Examp08.std) and perform an analysis if there are no analysis results available.
  2. Select the Concrete Design Mode and create design members, a Design Group with a suitable Design Brief. Full details on the setup process can be found in the RC Designer Manual, section 2 Getting Started.
  3. Enter the Concrete Member Mode of the RC Designer and perform a design. Note that members that can be successfully designed are color coded green, thus
  4. Any of the members that produced a satisfactory design can be exported into a neutral file by clicking on the menu item: Groups > Export Group to Rebar.
    All the valid designed members are displayed and those that are wanted for detailing should be listed in the ‘Selected’ column. Those that are not wanted should be moved into the ‘Available’ column. Once the list is correct, click on the [Export] button to create a ‘Bentley Rebar Link File that has the file extension; .BRL
  5. Start Bentley Rebar and open a suitable DGN file.
  6. From the run the menu command: Applications > GEOPAK REBAR > Menu. This adds a new Rebar menu.
  7. To import the RC Designer Group, click on the menu command: Rebar > Tools > STAAD Detailing. This opens the STAAD manager dialog from which Templates can be defined to describe how members that are imported are defined:

    and allows link files to be imported and located on the DGN file:

Note: MicroStation and Bentley Rebar are separate products from STAAD.Pro and are independently licensed. If you do not have copies of these products, please contact your STAAD.Pro provider.