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D8.A.3 Member Property Specification

For  specification of member properties, the specified steel section available in Steel Section Library of STAAD.Pro may be used (namely: I-shaped section, Channel, Tee, HSS Tube, HSS Pipe, Angle, Double Angle, or Double Channel section).

Member properties may also be specified using the User Table facility except for the General and Prismatic member types.

For more information on these facilities, refer to G.6 Member Properties .

D8.E.3.1 Star Angle Arrangements

STAAD.Pro can design "star angle" sections (double angles, toe to toe) per IS 800:2007. Members using this section must be axial only (i.e., use TRUSS specification). It is assumed that the star angle arrangement is a welded shape. Plated shapes are not accounted for in the program

The internal cross section properties are calculated for the principal axes and are checked for Tension and Compression limit states as described in this section.