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AD.2007-07.3.2 RC Designer

Several new features have been added and existing features have been modified in the RC Designer mode. These are explained in the following pages.

  • ACI 318M-05 (Metric) - Uses "soft" conversions for US standard bar sizes. Therefore, bar sizes are unchanged from US Customary units, but named for the nearest metric equivalent. The conversion for material properties is performed similarly.

    Note: Mixed units cannot be used for designs per ACI 318-05. The metric version is listed as separate design code when creating design briefs.
  • GB50010 - Concrete beam and column design per GB50010 is now available.
  • IS456 has been updated to the 2000 edition and now includes an option to perform additional reinforcement detailing checks for seismic conditions per IS 13920:1993. This code is used for the ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces
  • Documentation has been expanded for the SP52-101-03 design briefs and technical reference.