STAAD.Pro Help

M. File menu

Contains items for creating, opening, and closing section data files, printing, and exiting the program.

Table 1. File menu items
Menu item Description Same effect as selecting…
New Opens an empty surface design file. If the currently loaded section has been modified, then the option is given to save it prior to commencing with the new design. CTRL+N

Opens the Load Model dialog, which is used to select an existing Surface Mesh data file (file extension .SMH). Controls in this dialog are analogous to a common Windows open dialog, except as noted in the following.

If the Preview option is checked, then a preview of the surface can be displayed prior to opening the file.

Note: Only a single surface mesh data file may be open at a time, so you will be prompted to save any changes made to the current file, if one is open, and it will be closed prior to opening a different file.
Save Saves any changes made to the current data file.
Note: If the current file has not been previously saved, this has the same effect as selecting Save As…
Save As… Opens the Save data file dialog which is used to specify a file name and location for the section data file. Files are saved in the Surface Mesh data file (.SMH) format.  
Import DXF Opens the Import DXF dialog, which is used to select CAD files to import.

Files in the drawing exchange format (file extension .DXF) may be used for import.

Note: Files to be imported must only contain the definitions of the contours, which must be defined by closed lines or polylines.
Parametric Sections… Opens the Parametric Section dialog which is used to quickly create a surface based on a section type and a number of key dimensions and insert that section as an external contour.  
Send… Opens an e-mail (using your default e-mail client) and attaches the current data file.  
Recent File list A list of the most recent four section data files. Select one to open that data file.  
Quit Closes the program. If any changes were made since the last time the data file was saved, a message dialog opens confirming you wish to save those changes. ALT+F4