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D1.I.1.1 General Comments

The ASCE 10-97 code is meant to supercede the older edition of the code, available under the name ASCE Publication 52. However, in the interests of backward compatibility, both codes are currently accessible in STAAD.Pro.

Design is available for all standard sections listed in the AISC ASD 9th edition manual, namely, Wide Flanges, S, M, HP, Tees, Channels, Single Angles, Double Angles, Tubes and Pipes. Design of HSS sections (those listed in the 3rd edition AISC LRFD manual) and Composite beams (I shapes with concrete slab on top) is not supported.

To use the ASCE 52 code, use the commands


To use the ASCE 10-97 code, use the commands


The detailing requirements, such as provisioning of stiffeners and checking the local effects like flange buckling, web crippling, etc. must be performed manually. It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic concepts of Steel Design facilities available in STAAD.  Please refer to D. Steel Design for detailed information on this topic.