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D9.A.6 Slab and Wall Design

To design a slab or a wall, it must first be modeled using finite elements and analyzed. The command specifications are in accordance with Chapter 2 and Chapter 6 of the Technical Reference Manual.

Elements are designed for the moments Mx and My. These moments are obtained from the element force output (see Chapter 2 of the Technical Reference Manual). The reinforcement required to resist the Mx moment is denoted as longitudinal reinforcement and the reinforcement required to resist the My moment is denoted as transverse reinforcement.

The longitudinal bar is the layer closest to the exterior face of the slab or wall. The following parameters are those applicable to slab and wall design:

  1.  FYMAIN — Yield stress for reinforcing steel - transverse and longitudinal.

  2. FC— Concrete grade

  3. CLEAR — Distance from the outer surface of the element to the edge of the bar. This is considered the same on both top and bottom surfaces of the element.

  4. MINMAIN — Minimum required size of longitudinal/transverse reinforcing bar

The other parameters shown in D9.A.7 Design Parameters are not applicable to slab or wall design.