STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-11.3.1 ACI 318-11 Concrete Design

Concrete design per the 2011 edition of the ACI 318 specification (ACI 318-11) is now available in STAAD.Pro.

Several new parameters have been introduced to accommodate design of slender columns using the moment magnification procedure for sway and non-sway frames.

Refer to D1.F.5.6.1 Slenderness Effects and Analysis Consideration for details.

To design concrete columns per ACI 318-11

The general outline of this procedure applies to designing all concrete members per ACI 318-11, but the specific parameters mentioned pertain only to the design of columns using the moment magnification method.

  1. In the Modeling mode, select the Design | Concrete tab.

    The Concrete Design - Whole Structure dialog opens.

  2. In the Current Code drop-down list, select ACI 318-11.

    This will insert the following commands into the STAAD.Pro input file:

  3. Click Define Parameters.

    The Design Parameters dialog opens.

  4. Select the MMAG parameter and type 0 for the option and then click Add.

    This instructs the program to use the detailed calculations considering sway or non-sway frames. .

  5. Select the SWY parameter and select the appropriate bracing condition for the frame containing the columns to be designed and then click Add.

  6. (Optional) Set values for BDY, BDZ, SKY, SKZ, SLY, SLZ, SQY, SQZ, SWY, and TRN parameters as necessary (i.e., when the defaults to not match the column conditions).

  7. Close the Design Parameters dialog and assign the parameters to the appropriate members.

    Tip: The parameters mentioned here are only applicable to columns. They will be ignored for beam members.