STAAD.Pro Help

D. Diagrams (slab) dialog

Used to control the graphical display of slab related diagrams and plots.

Opens when View > Diagram is selected (in the Concrete Slab mode)

General tab

Used to control the view of items pertaining to the slab geometry and constituent elements.

Analysis Contour tab

Used to control the display of the analysis plots.

Diagram Select which of the effect plots can be generated.
Loading Sets the active loading envelope or load case.
Spacing of Sample points Sets the level of plot refinement.

switches plots to line contour or filled contour.

Principal stress directions will also be shown if the box is selected.

Direction \ Result Set Sets plot directions with respect to one of the available options.

Design Contour tab

Diagram Used to select plot content: design moments, required reinforcements or spacing of bars.
Face / Direction / Style Top or bottom reinforcement together with directions and contour style can also be selected with the available options.