STAAD.Pro Help

D. Group menu

This menu contains the following commands:

Menu item What it does
Select By Design Group

Opens the Select Members by Design Group dialog, which is used to select members by entire design group.

Note: Before selecting by Design Group, member groups must be defined for the structure. 
Group Members List Table Opens the Group Member List table, which displays a list of the members in the current design group with their Analysis and Design sections.
New Design Group

Opens the New Design Group dialog, which is used to create a new design group from the currently selected member(s).

A Design Group is the selection of members that are to be designed with one of the Concrete Design modules.

Note: Before defining a new Design Group, one or more members must be selected in the active structure window. 
Design Group Table

Opens the Design Groups Table, which contains the elements and design briefs associations used for designing elements in groups.

This table is opened automatically when the Des.Groups option in Page Control Mode is selected.

Tip: To open this table when not running in Page Control Mode, select the table from the Tables dialog.
Member Summary  
Export Group for Detailing Opens the Export Design Group to Bentley Rebar dialog, which is used to select members for exporting to external detailing programs, such as Bentley Rebar.

The menu is available in the modes:

  • Design Layer
  • Member Design