STAAD.Pro Help

M. Tools menu

Table 1. Tools menu items
Menu item Description Same effect as selecting…
Calculate Calculates the cross-sectional properties of the composite section and the opens the Basic Geometry dialog to display the values.  
Stress Contour Opens the Section forces dialog, which is used to specify major axis moments and axial force on the section. Click OK to close the dialog and display the stress distribution on the composite section.  
Free Sketch Opens the Free Sketch module.  
Equivalent Section Opens the Equivelant Section module.  
Windows Calculator Opens the Windows system Calculator window.  
Formula Calculator Opens the Formula Calculation window which is used to evaluate a formula, from the numerical result can then be copied back into the Section Builder program.  
Unit Converter Opens the Unit Converter Window which is used to as a value converter between different preset units of measurement. Select the tab pertaining to the type of measurement and then enter the known value in the appropriate field. Upon pressing <Enter>, all the other fields are updated to equivalent values.