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D. Design Briefs

Designs are performed on design members and design slabs according to a set of rules defined in the appropriate code.  A number of the criteria, such as the dimensions of the beams, columns, and slabs have already been defined in the STAAD.Pro model.  However, certain aspects have not, such as the grade of concrete and steel reinforcing bars.  All the parameters that are required are collected together and referred to as a Design Brief.  Each Design Brief is tailored to the requirements of the governing design code.

Details of contents of each brief can be found in section 4.3.5.

Available Codes

c_design_brief_dialogs for information on the dialogs for a specific member type and code.

Country/ Region Code Design Type
United States ACI 318-99 Beam Column  
ACI 318-05 / 318M-05 Beam Column Slab
Japan AIJ Beam    
France BAEL Beam Column  
Great Britain BS 8110 Beam Column Slab
Singapore CP65 Beam Column  
Germany DIN 1045-1 Beam Column  
Europe Eurocode 2 - 2004 Beam Column  
Egypt ECCS 203 Beam Column  
Spain EHE Beam Column  
India IS456 Beam Column  
Norway NS3473 Beam Column  
Turkey TS 500 Beam Column  
Russia SP52-101-03 Beam Column  
China GB50010 Beam Column  
Australia AS 3600 Beam Column  
Canada CAN/CSA A23.3-04 Beam Column