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D. Eurocode 2:2004 Slab Design Principles

The Eurocode 2: 2004 Slab Design Brief is for any slab modeled with finite elements, regardless of boundary restraint conditions.

Slabs are designed for bending in two orthogonal directions for both hogging and sagging moments. Designs for shear or punching shear checks are not included.

Analysis results for plate elements that form a ‘Slab’ are used to generate design moments with respect to the axes of the slab. These moments are then used to generate required reinforcement contours. Note that no account is taken of the requirements for embedment or development of reinforcement.

Tip: The level of accuracy of results depends on the meshing density used to model the slabs. It is recommended that users examine the accuracy of the model at the analysis stage and ensure satisfactory results are obtained prior to the design stage.

Code clauses implemented are (1) and (3) (excluding rules for concentrated loads).

Only reinforcement required to resist moment demand is designed. No other clauses are considered (no detailed layout).