STAAD.Pro Help

D. Design Messages

The design is performed on the selected members from the current Design Group and the parameters in the associated Design Brief.  Each section is designed and a reinforcement cage is identified.  The results of all the sections are then considered and a final rationalized cage is defined that requires the minimum area of reinforcement, but still matching all the design requirements including spacing and cracking checks.

If there are any issues arising form the design that results in either a partial or fully incomplete design for one or more of the design members, then these are reported in a Design Messages dialog at the end of the design of all of the members.  Note that on models where a large number of members are being designed, with a large number of load cases, then the member that is currently being designed is displayed on the lower left side of the status bar.

On completion of the design, the members are color-coded to indicate their status. The colors can be set using the Colour Manager dialog.