STAAD.Pro Help

D. Drawing a result line

  1. Either:

    Select Result Line > Create.


    Select the Result Line tool

    The mouse pointer changes to a Result Line cursor .

    Tip: When the command is active, a tick is displayed against the menu item and the toolbar button is shown as depressed.
  2. Click once to define a start point for the Results Line.

    A line is rubber-banded from this point to the mouse pointer.

    Tip: Select Result Line > Constrain to Slab X to limit the result line to parallel to the slab local x-axis.
  3. Click a second time to define the end point.
    Note: While the line can be created by clicking on any two points within the Slab Diagram window, the line will be extended such that it will cross the entire slab and cross any openings if present. See D. Slab Alignment dialog for more details.
  4. Repeat steps 2 through 3 to redraw result lines.
  5. Press <Esc>.to stop drawing Result Lines (or simply click a different page).