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D. Concrete Slab pages

The layout of the pages of the Concrete Member design mode is dependent on the Design Code associated with the current Design Group.

Design Codes that are currently available are:

The engineering information on a BS8110 design can be found in section 3.4.4

Table 1. Sub-pages in the Concrete Slab page
Page name Description

Used to view design reinforcement plots, and view tabulated output that lists design moments and bar details with respect to Region axis.

Plots can be created for both required reinforcements or bar spacing. Direction settings cover top and bottom reinforcement with respect to local axis of the Region/Slab.

You may generate filled or lined plots for all outputs.

Displacement Used to evaluate deflection of the slab and produce contour plots. You may draw a Result Line on the plot and view the deflection along the line. The result line can be drawn parallel to the slab axis or in any other direction.
Moments Used to interrogate design effects and create plots much the same way as the displacement page.

Used to divide a Design Slab into Regions, which with its own local axis setting.

This page also opens the Regions table.

Each Region may represent an area of the slab where you may want to change bar layout.

Note: By default, each ‘Slab’ has one coincident ‘Region’. Designs are carried out for each ‘Region’ and with respect to the Region’s local axis setting.

Regions can be defined in a number of ways. You may draw lines from boundary nodes of elements, or, you may highlight a boundary line and insert a node and the use it for region definition.

Design Opens the Design Options dialog, used to initiate the design of all regions as per design brief of the slab and local axis of each region.