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D. To Perform a Preliminary Design per EC2 in RC Designer

In order for EC8 checks to be performed, a member must have passed all EC2 checks in the initial design step. To also help identify issues in design or detailing, if one step of checks fails for a member, further checks will not be performed on that member.

The program will first check that all materials in the design brief are satisfactory. Then, moment capacity of beams and columns are evaluated and compared. EC8 stipulates that columns must have a moment capacity of 1.30 times the sum of the moment capacity of beams framing at that joint. This ensures beams are the initial failure mode.

Note: Deflection checks are performed for individual members only.
  1. With EC2:2004 selected in the Design Code list, specify the National Annex. The following National Annexes are available in RC Deigner:
    • Singapore National Annex
    • UK National Annex
    • Malaysian National Annex
    You can also select EC2 without Annex and specify the NA parameters manually.
  2. Specify Medium (DCM) or High (DCH) in the Ductility level list. Low ductility (DCL) does not require additional Eurocode 8 checks and therefore is not included.
  3. Specify the load case containing seismic loads for use with design checks.
  4. Specify the Structural Type in the list. Currently, only Framed/ Dual/Coupled Wall Systems are supported in RC Designer.
  5. Select if you wish to Check reinforcement for detailing rules for ductility per EC8.
  6. Specify a Curvature ductility factor to be used for column checks. If not specified, the default value is taken as unity (1).
  7. Click Check Now to perform all design and detailing checks.