STAAD.Pro Help

D. Members menu

This menu contains the following commands:

Menu item What it does
Members Table

Displays the D. Members table for the active structure.

This table is un-editable, but clicking on a member reference number will highlight that member on the diagram.

Form Members

Forms a physical member from a selection of one or more connected elements.

Note: One or more analytical elements must be selected for this command to be available.
Note: If the selection of elements is not connected then the form member command uses the first connected part of the selection only. A warning regarding this appears.
Tip: To view the members in the structure, use the Member Labels option in the Labels dialog which is available from the Labels command on the View menu.

See D. Design of Members and Slabs for how to use this tool.

AutoForm Members

Forms a number of Members from a selected range of elements.  Each member will obey the general rules for generating a member specified (those listed for Form Member), but uses the following rules in addition.

  • Vertical elements are converted into columns first.
  • Where four elements cross and share a single node, if the elements can form two members, the deeper section will form a continuous member, but the other elements will form parts of two separate members.
Unform Member(s)  

The menu is available in the modes:

  • Design Layer