STAAD.Pro Help

Influence tab

Used to control the display of influence diagrams on the defined bridge deck as displayed on the Deck | Deck Definition page.

Opens when:

  • View > Structure Diagrams is selected, or
  • Loading > Influence Diagrams is selected.
Diagram Type Select the type of action you wish to display in a contour plot the deck. The <action type> and <structural object> fields update with the selected type.
<action type> Select the action and direction for the action.
<structural object> Select the node, beam, or plate for which the action will be displayed.
Influence Show

Select if the influence is drawn for All Decks defined in the Bridge Deck mode or only the Active Deck.

Tip: The Active Deck is the selected deck in the View toolbar.
Scale for Influence Draw on Beams Adjusts the scale for influence curves drawn onto beam objects.