SACS Readme

SACS License Usage Preview

SACS 14.0 offers a tool to help manage license usage. The user now has the option to display a dialog describing the licenses to be used by the SACS run before execution starts and any usage is logged.

The dialog shown below is displayed prior to starting any SACS run. For this particular example, notice that the "Offshore License to be used" message is in red to highlight that SACS needs to move to a higher license from the default selected by the user, "SACS Offshore Structure" in this case. The dialog also displays any add-on licenses that will be used. If the user continues with the analysis by pressing "Yes", SACS will run the analysis and log usage to those licenses. In this case, after the run, SACS will return to the default license.

The dialog below is an example of a run that uses the default offshore license.

The user has the option to not show the dialog by checking the "Don't show again" check-box. The user can manage this setting in the SACS Systems Settings dialog.