SACS Readme

SACS System PC Recommendations

SACS CONNECT Edition (v14.0) will run satisfactorily with most basic new PC configurations for both laptops and desktop PCs. For minimal configuration PCs or older PCs, the most notable degradation in performance will be in 3D rendering applications (Precede) and when model size exceeds 1000 joints. For model sizes greater than 1000 joints it is recommended that additional memory and storage be added as stated below. The following recommendations are for optimal SACS performance.

  • RAM - 1024 megabytes (Mb) of free (1) RAM minimum, 4096 Mb or more is preferred. SACS will utilize all available RAM. SACS performance is dependent on the size of the SACS model and the amount of available system resources.

    (1) Free RAM refers to available RAM after all operating system processes have been loaded.

  • CPU - A multi-core CPU is recommended although not required.
  • Operating System - Windows 7 Professional or later.
    Note: All x86 versions of Windows cannot utilize more than 3200 Mb of RAM. The x64 version of Windows should be considered to take advantage of additional memory as well as future SACS upgrades.
  • Hard Disk - 800 Mb of free space is required for the SACS installation. A SATA RAID 0 hard disk is recommended for optimal analysis performance.
    Note: After the SACS installation is complete the free space used for executions should not fall below 50% of the total drive capacity. Total free space for execution should be at least 1 gigabyte for small models solutions. Very large model solution could require 400 gigabytes or more.
  • Video Card - A video card that supports OpenGL or DirectX9 is required for all 3D rendering SACS products. It is very important to make sure that the graphics drivers on your computer are up to date for maximum performance and correct operation. A reference list of available video cards can be found at Supported Graphics Cards.