SACS Readme

Introducing SACS CONNECT Edition V14.2- CL

SACS CONNECT Edition V14.2 – SES release includes enhancements including:

Collapse Advanced Updates

  • Soil Liquefaction

  • Axial Adhesion Soil

    • Both User-defined and API soils (API 22nd Edition)

    • Adhesion torsion will be added in next release

  • Elastoplastic Calculation for remaining sections –All SACS sections are supported in Collapse Advanced except for the Bulb section which is not required.

    • Double Angles

    • Unsymmetrical Plate Girder

    • Boxed Plate Girder

    • Double Web Plate Girder

    • Rectangular Tube

Dynamic Response

  • An option to read load time history input from an external file has been added. Previously, time history loads could only be entered using the "LINE" or "PREV" option in the FVIB line. An option has been added to choose "FILE" which will cause the executive to ask for an additional file from which the loads can be read.

  • An option to add multiple winds with same direction and different velocities was implemented. Dynamic Response previously required a unique wind direction for each wind input and required a least 0.2 degrees offset on the direction. Dynamic Response now allows multiple winds for the same direction. The WINSPC line now includes wind speed so the program can match the wind spectrum with the Seastate load case by direction and wind speed.  If no wind speed is input, then the match is done by direction only (default behavior).

Precede Results View Enhancements

  • Precede now has autosave feature. This feature can be enabled in the Precede setting dialog. The default is NO autosaving. The settings are minutes between saves. For example, if the setting is set to “5”, Precede will autosave every five minutes. The autosave will not execute if Precede is busy with a long running process like deleting joints, members, etc. or because of a manual save by the user.

  • Precede can now graphically display PSI Max Unity Check. To include the PSI results in the Results database, check the “SACS Reports Database” option in the Static Analysis With Pile/Soil Interaction Runfile.

Next open Precede Results Viewer using the created database.

Pile3D Distributed Moment (Tech Preview)

  • This enhancement allows the Pile 3D program to model the soil resistance to the rotation of the pile using a distributed moment along the length of the pile. This effect is significant for gravity type and rigid piles with large diameters and length to diameter ratios between 2 and 6. Adding this distributed moment effect can increase the overall stiffness of the system and lead to a better design. The distributed moment curves are specified with user-defined M-Θ curves that model the bending resistance similarly to lateral soil resistance P-Y curves.