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Bentley Cloud Services Overview

There is little doubt that the design of every infrastructure project today involves the collaboration of many individuals and organizations across multiple disciplines. It is with this context that we have developed Bentley Cloud Services to facilitate successful project outcomes for you and your organizations. Bentley Cloud Services helps you produce better designs by facilitating collaboration, interoperability, standardization and skills development. For an organization and enterprise, Bentley Cloud Services provides greater insight and control over project design, deliverables and the people working on them. In the sections that follow we look at some of the capabilities and services that are delivered today, with more being added every week, with Bentley Cloud Services to help you achieve even greater project and personal success. Please visit to keep up to date on the latest capabilities.

The core premise of Bentley Cloud Services is to facilitate successful project outcomes through common capabilities and shared services across desktop, mobile, server and cloud. To enable this, Bentley has utilized Microsoft’s Azure cloud-service to connect uniformly and consistently with and across users, projects, and enterprises. To enable the value and your success on Bentley Cloud Services it is imperative that users register for a complimentary CONNECTED account, sign in when using your CONNECT Edition products and associate your design models with a CONNECTED Project.

For more information on the benefits Bentley Cloud Services, you can visit the Bentley Cloud Services Overview Communities website.